“With the implementation of BuySpeed™, we saved staff costs, excessive processing times, and data-entry errors. Amazing results – I couldn’t imagine doing business any other way!”

Marcheta Gillespie, CPM, CPPB,
Deputy Director of Procurement, City of Tucson (AZ)

BuySpeed™ is eProcurement at Its Best: Exclusive, Web-based, Procure-to-Pay

Procurement is all we do at Periscope. Our team is dedicated solely to providing products and services designed specifically for purchasing professionals, to help them excel at what they do. Procurement improvement is what we do, and BuySpeed™ is our tool to do it.

Whether you want to streamline processes, improve cost control, enhance transparency or all of the above, BuySpeed™ is the solution. Currently used by states, cities, counties, school districts and political subdivisions, BuySpeed™ – combined with Periscope’s extensive procurement expertise – consistently attains remarkable, real-world results.

BuySpeed™ is a registered trademark of Periscope Holdings, Inc. Periscope Holdings is a U.S.-based, privately held provider of end-to-end procurement solutions. In addition to offering BuySpeed™, Periscope has the sole rights to market and manage the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Commodity/Services Code.

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